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The International Scientific Conference achieved a world Record
१६ भदौ २०८०

The international scientific conference on climate change held at the world's highest altitude of 5,400 meters has been certified by the American Book of Records, the British World Records and the European Book of Records. A prestigious organization of Nepal "World Record Holder Society" completed last year on 29 May 2022 at the highest peak Mt. Everest base camp under the coordination of singer Purna Rai.

Since climate change is a collective issue of the world, enough programs are being organized, but giving a message from the height of Mount Everest Base Camp, the roof of the world, is an unusual challenge. Global Warming International Summit - 2022, with the participation of scientists from Tribhuvan University of Nepal, Colorado University and University of Colorado, USA, there was a presentation of more than 3 hours. Prior to the presentation at the venue, Professor, Dr. Joanna Lambert and Professor, Dr. Joel Berger spent 24 hours focused on research. The scientists made important presentations on the global impact of climate change, its impact on people's lives from sea level to high mountain areas, migration, high natural hazards, the impact on birds and wild animals and the First Everest Address on Climate and Wildlife.

Conducting this scientific conference is an unusual challenge. But the program coordinator Purna Rai said that they have put together a challenging historical program to give a message to more than 8 billion people from the base camp of the world's highest peak, Everest. Similarly, the president of the organization, Sancha Bahadur Rai, expressed his opinion regarding the natural disaster, while witness Tek Bahadur Rai, Buddhiraj Rai, Tsering Bhote, Saran Shrestha and others gave critical opinions.