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Review of Purna Rai's debut musical album "Pahilo Bhet"
२० भदौ २०८०

Have you ever operated a stop watch to measure the full length of some songs with their own official music videos? If not, you must make an effort to do it once. Most of the time, comparing their lengths becomes impracticable as they do not go through complete airplay by transmitting television channels. Suraj Singh Thakuri and Sangita Shrestha pointed out towards the insufficient time to have its airplay because of tight segments divided in their television programs. If television policies are clever, music directors are have also shown smartness as they have started to cut some repeated verses of a lengthy songs to make its videos get complete airplay.

Purna Rai, an upcoming artist was also surprised when the director Prasanna Poudel suggested him to cut a minute-long portion of his song ‘Pahilo Bhet’ (debut Album) from the self titled album and make the duration 4:30 mintues than originally 5:30 mins length. After taking the classical music class from Doremi Sangeet Vidhyalaya, Purna Rai came to know the depth of music only after being connected to the school for 5 years and opined that the knowledge would not get completed even after 8 years of its study. He further replied, ’I study music for 3 years but now I am getting some knowledge of making videos as well. I was very depressed when Prasanna Poudel planned to cut my song. Now I came to know that the idea was for my own good sake.’ With such idea, Purna cancelled his earlier plan for not getting present at the video shoot and stayed with the crew whole day rather, to learn more about making videos. Winner of HBC Fm live musical competition ‘Lok Besi’ in 2061 B.S, Purna shared his state of perplexity when he found that the video took just a day to get shot in 3 different locations and remembered when he cried at a midnight after returning from recording studio because of his dissatisfaction towards his own vocal-takes. Purna who had a habit of listening final songs in radio, found his voice-records incomplete making him cry but found similar to the songs played through radios when his vocal records were mixed through sound effects. He didn’t know as a new artist to be famous his song but he got. finally won the national award as the best new artist of the year.

With a vote of thanks to his music teacher Bhanu Bhakta Dhakal, brother Raj Kumar Rai and family, he hopes that the viewers definitely can watch his full video.  

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