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Parkhi Rai is representing “Martial Art” globally
३ जेठ २०७८

Parkhi Rai is one of the International Martial Art Jury member and a trainer. He was born on 4th April 1976 in a rural area of Mapya Dudhkoshi Rural Municipality Ward no. 2 of Rapchha Village of Solukhumbu District.

In 2008 he had formally started Sotokan Karate within Martial Art. In 2010, he won New York Open Championship Gold Medal for the first time and in 2011 after achieving the Black Belt (1st Dan), there was a turn in his life.

Life of Parkhi Rai, the international Martial art trainer and a player is different. Parkhi Rai after winning New York Open Championship Gold Medal in 2010 was able to win 1st degree black belt in 2011. After receiving the 1st degree black belt from International Martial Art Association, New York, he worked in the same school as a trainer. Along with the training, in 2011, he entered the jury member committee and taking the responsibilities in national and international competitive game and completed “2nd Dan”. Parkhi Rai had received the license of KATA “Judge A” in 2014 and KUMITE “Refree A” In 2015. He got the responsibility as “National Refree” in U.S.A. National Karate Federation In 2015. Even in the prosperous nations like America, there are countless people with “Double A”. Among them, Parkhi Rai is the second Nepali to receive “Double A”. In 2016 he bought the ownership of International Martial Art Association run by Nepali citizen in United Nations of America, New York.

In 2016, Parkhi Rai owned the title of “International Rocky Mountain Championship” Gold Medal, Colorado. As he succeeded to receive “3rd Dan” in 2017, he was able to be a “prestigious honor of trainer (Sensei)” Parkhi Rai. He has been receiving all Dan Test from Hanshi Cyrus S. Madani, the senior Refree of World Karate Fedration of 40 years of experience and a founder of International Martial Art Association, Headquarter Colorado. Also he has been taking the training Courses from Sensei Feriba Madani.

In 2019, he was able to receive the license of international judge of Kata and Kumite from World Karate Federation (WKF) under PAN American Karate Commission. Internationally, there are countable people who have received this license. International martial arts trainer and a player Parkhi Rai could adjust his name within the list of such countable license holders which is the second representation of Nepal.

Currently, with the hold on a very designated position, Parkhi Rai have been visiting globally with the national flag of Nepal playing the role of Judge in different programs conducted with responsibilities of international judges. As an international licensed trainer, he can conduct different games in all the nations throughout the world. Appreciating and respecting the international level wide success gained  in Sotokan Karate  within short time period, New York State Government’s  Talent Appreciation, Kirat Rai Yayokha, America Branch, Kirat Khaling Rai Resilience Association, Kathmandu  and numerous Appreciation letters and felicitations have addressed and acknowledged his skill and success.